Rebuild Battery Packs For Cordless Drills and Power Tools

Battery Rebuilding CompanyIt’s a sad fact that battery packs for all cordless drills and cordless tools have a limited life span, and replacement packs are very expensive when compared against the cost of the drill itself.

Since the packs need replacing after about 18 to 24 months, and you may even see decreased performance before that, rebuilding your battery power pack is a cheaper option than discarding it and buying a new one.

Battery power packs for drills and other types of tools are made using individual battery cells that are wired in a series.

If you wire battery cells in a series, you combine the output voltage from each cell to create increased voltage.

Four 1.2 volt NiCad battery cells wired in a series produce 4.8 volts.

A problem, though, is that not all battery cells go dead at the same time and this is particularly the case with NiCad cells.

This means that while the battery for your drill keeps running out of charge quickly, it may only be one or two cells that are causing the problem.

You don’t have to buy a new battery for your drill just because the old one won’t hold a charge anymore.

If you decide to rebuild your batteries yourself then see our post: How To Rebuild An 18v Dewalt Battery

If you don’t want to do it yourself we’ll do it for you – fast, cheap and better than new!

To get your battery pack refurbished with new batteries visit our parent site:

Your newly rebuilt power pack will last longer then the original – guaranteed.

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